First of all, I’d like to say hello to you my dear. Surely you are reading this article for a reason. Most probably, because you're also in love with bow ties. Let me introduce myself.

We are a group of people with a common interest - bow ties. After a while this interest had turned into a project called VABIEN. If you’re going to ask me how do we distinguish our brand from others?. The answer is simple. And it’s kept in our boxes. When you buy a bow tie, inside you will find the inscription: In style, in the mood. It also is one of the features. We produce in the first place is not for sale, but for you. Your mood, style of clothing, lifestyle - all this is the source of our inspiration. It means that the design of our products has no limits. It can be both plain and patterned bow ties. We are based on the current trends of the fashion industry. We follow style icons for years and are aimed to create ours. In addition, our shop is intended for a wide audience.

Choosing VABIEN you choose an individual approach. When you buy our product, you can find the bow tie for daily use, as well as for important events in your life.

After reading this article you barely know what VABIENSHOP is about. We’re sure that you’re already looking for something interesting ;) and maybe even choose a gift for someone you care about. Have a great mood and we’re welcome you to become a part of VABIEN community :)