This is a story. Not an usual story though. This is how we from VABIEN have been inspired by incredible people to bring you an unique concept and dress these incredible people with bow ties that embrace their uniqueness at its finest. Today's story is the story of how we met Fred Finn.


During a short trip to London I had the chance to meet up with a friend, a person who is beyond doubt associated with travels: Fred Finn.


The story goes back to 2013 to the Air Forum ROUTES at the Donetsk Airport. It was the biggest aviation event in Ukraine, where all the airlines participated. Our team worked there as a main video production host and Fred was one of the main speakers. We interviewed Fred and that's how we first met.


In 2015 Sergei Matsenko and I created a bow tie’s brand called VABIEN. Four years later we met Fred in London. Isn’t it amazing? Funny enough, Fred mentioned that he saw VABIEN bow ties in his travels, but he didn’t know it was us.


“Fred Finn is the world’s most travelled man. Since his first flight across the Atlantic in 1958, Fred has flown north of 15 million miles and has visited 150 different countries. In 1983, he was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for having flown more air miles than any other passenger in history. Also, Fred holds the record for most supersonic flights - 718 flights in Concorde.”


We met at some nice place inside the Waterloo station. I didn’t even notice how the hours passed as the conversation flowed. We exchanged interesting stories from the past few years, shared some memories about Ukraine and talked about some future projects.


Fred also told me that they created a travel app called Quicket, and it does things that no other apps or travel products can do. One of its features shows the way in and out the airport, the best seat configuration for 900 different airplanes and many other things. It is awesome the ability to put your life experience into something and share it with people around the world.


Anyway, I couldn’t come empty-handed. I had a small gift for Fred - a small wooden box with an English style bow tie inside. Fred was really excited about the tie. He decided to try it right away. You can check Fred's VABIEN tie on the photo.


You will see that like Fred, we work tirelessly for something special. Something as simple as travelling or a bow tie can be made extraordinary. We love people. We do. And for our love for people and our love for being part of this wonderful world and making something special out of it, we make bow ties, we wear them and we own it.


I’d like to say that it is an honor and an inspiration to meet such people Fred. He shares and represents what we believe in.


Nikita Tsarenko
Co-founder of VABIEN