You can change gadgets every year and dream of “selfie” from the moon. But while the era and trends are changing, the bow-tie remains a classic accessory. In the 17th century the bow tie was a distinguishing sign of the European aristocracy. We talked with the founders of the brand “VABIEN” Sergei and Nikita, who have been transforming this sophisticated detail into a modern unique accessory as either for an office worker or a party maker landed on Mars.

Just only since 2015 two Ukrainians have managed to “take off” from prototypes in the apartment in Kharkov city to the production side in Kiev and contract with the most popular retail chain in Switzerland. Currently, they have more than 25 points of sales abroad, an online store with international delivery, and they eager to enter the Ukrainian market soon.

"We have chosen not the easiest way to start - Switzerland. But as time has shown us – the challenges only give a push to the best. Our position in the market is a European brand, but made in Ukraine."

Every bow tie from VABIEN is not just a copy/paste design in millions of colours. Each detail is well thought over. A new bow tie is a new universe with its own individual style, material and pattern. The distinguishing feature of the brand is packaging.

"We’ve initially created the perfect package - a wooden box - from VABIEN. The material used is a twenty-year-old oak. The box is handcrafted, assembled and treated by skilled artisans. We could say that this box is a gimmick of our brand.”

The guys have global plans and goals for the brand. Sergei and Nikita are trying to make the Ukrainian bow tie an axiom of world style. Wherever you're going: to a concert, a date or into space, the answer will always be the same - VABIEN.


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